Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many sick days do employees get each year?

Sick days are earned at the rate of 1.25 per month for each month of service.

2. How many personal days do employees get each year?

Employees may use four sick days for personal reasons, provided they are approved, in advance, by the principal.

3. Do unused personal days carry over to the following year?

Not as personal days, but they do carry over as sick days.

4. How do I find out how many sick days I have?

We are excited to announce that Absence Management is live and fully functional at this time.  From Absence Management all Employees can request time off and can view their Leave Balances.

The Directions for viewing your Leave Balances and for submitting an absence or request for time off are attached.

As of July 1st the Benefits Server is no longer being updated with Leave Balance Information.


If you utilize Absence Management to enter your absence/request time off you will no longer need to complete a Green Form. You only need to complete one option at this time (Absence Management or Green Form). If you are utilizing the Green Form option an Updated Green Form has been created and provided to your school secretary – Please see your School Secretary for the updated form.

PDF Files

Directions for Viewing Leave Balances in Absence Management.PDF

Submitting an Absence or Request for Time Off in Absence Management.PDF





5. May I donate sick days to someone else in need who doesn’t have any?

An employee may donate up to ten sick leave days to his or her spouse, if such spouse is also an employee, for purposes of maternity leave, illness, illness of a family member, or death of a family member.

6. Can I get days from the sick bank for days I have the flu, stomach virus, strep, etc., (or) if my child does?

Employees who are members of the sick bank may apply for days from the sick bank provided they meet all guidelines and regulations of the sick bank policy. Typically, absences for illnesses that would be considered basic would not qualify.

7. How do I join the sick bank?

The enrollment period is during the first two months of the school year, August-September. You can pick up an application at your school. For more information visit Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank

8. Who earns vacation days?

All 12 months employees earn vacation days at the rate of .8333 days per month. Twelve month employees who have been employed for a minimum of 15 years with the HCSD earn vacation days at the rate of 1.25 days per month.

9. Do vacation days carry over to the following year?

A maximum of 15 vacation days can be carried over to the next year.

10. If I don’t use all my vacation days, can I be paid for them?

Employees can be paid for a maximum of 15 accrued vacation days upon leaving the HCSD.

11. If I don’t use all my sick days, can I be paid for them?

No, the HCSD does not pay employees for unused sick days.





12. How do I calculate my salary?

Salaries are based on certificate level and years of experience. All employees are paid on the entry level until verification(s) of employment are received. (View All Salary Schedules Here)


















13. When will I receive a contract?

Contracts are issued throughout the school year, pending a satisfactory background check and attending a new employee meeting.

14. When will my last work day be if I am resigning or retiring?

It depends on the employee’s assignment. Normally, it is the last working day of the school year for that position. Those who are retiring are encouraged to talk with a TRS representative prior to retiring.

15. If I leave at the end of the school year, when will I receive my last check and how long will I have insurance?

For teachers, the last paycheck is usually issued in August. If that is the case, then insurance coverage would be good through the month of September.

16. What counts as a year of experience for employees who work less than 100%?

Employees who work 50%-99% earn ½ (one-half) year of experience for every year of work, but must work two consecutive years [at that rate] to qualify for a step increase. • Employees who work less than 50% earn no credit for work experience. In other words, they will remain on their current salary scale.

17. What qualifies for Rank 1 and Rank 2 employee salary for paraprofessionals/clerks?

Rank 1 requires a high school [or GED] diploma. Rank 2 requires a minimum of 30 semester hours (or 45 quarter hours) of college credit.

22. Does Hall County participate in Social Security and is it optional?

Yes, Hall County participates in Social Security and No, it is not optional.




23. How do I find out about vacancies within the Hall County School System?

Vacancies are posted on Frontline which can be accessed via

24. How do I know if my application is complete and accepted?

All applications are submitted electronically through Frontline. You may edit these at any time. Once your application is complete, it is automatically accepted.

25. Do I need to bring or send copies of my application, resume and reference letters to Human Resources?

No. We do not accept hard copies. You may upload resumes and reference letters into your Frontline account. This is more convenient for the applicant and more efficient for HR.

26. What do I do if I want to transfer to another school?

Make sure to discuss this with your principal first. Then, in the spring when re-employment forms are distributed, please indicate that you want to be considered for a transfer.



Certification/Advanced Degrees

27. I’ve just completed my Master’s or Specialist degree program. How do I add it to my certificate?

The process for applying for an upgrade is:

1)    Once you graduate, order an official transcript from your college. Make sure the degree is on the transcript as well as a graduation date. You may have the transcripts emailed to me through eScripts, Clearinghouse, etc.

2)     Log into your PSC account and complete the Personal Affirmation questions.

3)    When I receive the transcripts, I will process to PSC for you electronically.

4)    After you receive an email from PSC, showing your certificate has upgraded. You must email a copy of the new certificate She will process and send to payroll.

28. Will a new degree (Master’s, Specialist’s, Doctorate) allow me to upgrade my pay level?

It depends. You will need to use the PSC Certificate upgrade tool to determine whether or not it would qualify. You will also find an extensive list of approved PSC colleges/universities.

29. When does my certificate expire?

Go to MyPSC at, register and you can view/print a copy of your certificate.

30. How do I renew my certificate in Hall County?

The Personnel Office will notify the schools, in January, where employees are to be fingerprinted. Renewal forms and instructions will be sent to the schools in March.